Travel Card

MFSL's Travel card revolutionises the way we take money abroad. It combines the convenience of having the right currency for any destination in your customer's wallet with the security of chip and pin with competitively priced foreign exchange rates. Available in GBP, EUR and USD and carrying the MasterCard or Visa logo, the card can be used at over 30 million ATMs and POS worldwide. MFSL's Travel card is a more convenient and secure alternative to traveller's cheques and credit cards.

How Does it Work?

The traveller acquires a Travel Card of the currency of choice. The card can be topped up through bank or credit card transfer via the web management portal or a simple text message. Alternatively, cash loading is available at thousands of retailers in the UK. Competitive foreign exchange rates and no commissions apply on loading. The card can be linked to other prepaid card products such as the Payroll card or Family card, enabling card-to-card transfers and thus providing instant loading from other cards. This also enhances security, as less money needs to be loaded onto the card before travelling.

Corporations can also acquire Travel Cards for their employees, simplifying corporate travel policy enforcement and cutting the costs of expense report processing.