Sólido Architecture

The Sólido Architecture® is an award winning, MasterCard™ compliant, complete mobile financial services ecosystem, made up of the first purpose built, open and secure platform for financial services (Sólido Fortis®), a fully integrated financial services network including banks, processors and card associations and a host of software modules and applications that are developed and tested in an ISO 9001 compliant technology centre and commercially launched with Tier 1 brand names.

To enable smooth integration into brands' existing payments and administration infrastructures, the Sólido Fortis® platform includes a purpose built Sólido Application Layer, ensuring an open and modular design so it can easily integrate into new banking partners, transaction processors, the Sólido Loading Network for prepaid cards (30,000 loading points exist in the UK and over 250,000 in Europe), payment networks (i.e. MasterCard or Visa), "Money Out" partners in the developing world and numerous other software modules to enable a functionally rich and competitive solution. The implementation of the Sólido Architecture® is truly unique and MFSL is the first company globally to offer many of the solutions proposed.