Developments in the retail market over the last decade have seen brands leverage their fixed costs by stretching their brands across a number of new products and services. It is no longer a surprise to buy a new television set, subscribe to a new mobile phone service or take out a new insurance policy as part of a weekly shop.

More retailers are moving into the financial services market, with leading retailers even acquiring banking licenses. Prepaid financial products can help retailers increase their brand awareness, retain customers, increase footfall, gain new high margin revenues and reduce cash handling costs. Existing electronic Point-Of-Sale (EPOS) infrastructure can be turned into a loading network, further increasing footfall and gaining additional revenues. Retailers can also leverage their bond with families by providing linked family and budgeting products, thereby enhancing brand awareness and image. Retailers share the profits of the prepaid solutions, turning the cost of accepting traditional payment instruments into a profit. The unique and valuable information from prepaid financial products can also be channelled into loyalty programmes to provide enhanced value to retail customers.