Mobile Products

MFSL believes that subscriber education is key to the uptake of any new technology. Although mobile penetration has reached saturation point in many countries, usage of the mobile as a payment device is not yet as wide spread. Usage of the mobile phone as an accessory, or a "remote control", to an established payment device such as the Prepaid Card, would serve to position it as an integral part of the financial ecosystem. This effectively serves to educate card holders about the potential role of the mobile phone as a financial instrument and enable trusted brands to launch disruptive fully mobile financial products.

SMS Technologies

MFSL provides a full payment, money transfer, alert and marketing solution through plain SMS. A secure service which can work on all legacy handsets.

Menu Driven Technologies

MFSL has developed a secure SMS Menu solution which can be downloaded seamlessly onto the handset via technologies including WAP and USSD. Enabling the end consumer to conveniently and securely access advanced financial applications.

Java Technologies

Java technologies enable the migration from SMS based applications enhancing the customer experience by providing attractive colour interfaces and the ability to display information in a usable format.