A pure mobile money transfer solution is where the sender can use the mobile phone to set up, initiate, manage, track and control transfers from his m-Wallet. Receivers can use another m-Wallet, bank account, a mobile phone or a prepaid card to receive their remittance.

m-Transfer is the natural extension of the m-Group product as usage of m-wallets is growing exponentially and will quickly become a standard payment instrument in many countries particularly within the Internet world. MFSL provides your business with the opportunity to offer your customers a remittance solution that leverages these board networks on the "sender" and "receiving" channels of international money transfer.

A significant proportion of remittance receivers in the developing world live in rural areas "The Last Mile" where Prepaid Cards are a more convenient solution to access funds than traditional remittance solutions. An even more convenient solution is the Mobile Wallet which enjoys the most availability due to high mobile phone penetration rates in these regions. MFSL has integrated into several m-wallet operators across the world. In addition, MFSL's award winning Sólido Architecture® purpose built application layer allows us to integrate quite quickly with 3rd party m-wallet platforms, enabling MFSL to design, implement and deploy multi-party m-wallet solutions in very short lead times.