One m-Wallet (Mobile Wallet) accessible by all group members with credit 'slicing' allowing limited, pre-defined allowances to be accessed by each group member.

m-Group can help families budget and control children's spending. Several m-wallets, one for each family member, can be linked together allowing weekly budgets to be securely transferred to each member. Meanwhile, the parents continue to have visibility and control over their children's spending and enables them to instantly share funds in case of an emergency via a simple text message.

The family acquires an m-Group account. A primary account for the head of the household and secondary sub-accounts for the partner and children. The primary account can be loaded directly by the employer (Payroll solution) or alternatively through cash payments at a high street bank or loading partner. Funds can then be transferred to the secondary sub-accounts automatically or on demand. A child can have one of the secondary sub-accounts, which can be topped up via such transfer from the parent's account on demand or through a recurring transfer weekly or monthly.