MFSL® is on track to become the global leader in mobile based financial services. The Sólido Architecture® is the first purpose-built mobile financial platform which integrates a number of prepaid card and mobile payment solutions into one scalable system. The products available through this platform include Mobilised Prepaid Cards, Mobile Money Transfer, Mobile Minutes Transfer, Mobile Payments, Mobile Loyalty, Mobile Marketing and Mobile Banking.

The Sólido Architecture has won the prestigious IT Industry Award for a mobile payments solution launched with Amazon. The company has a business-to-business focus and a customer base including Google, British Telecommunications, Amazon, Samsung and OneTel.

MFSL's flagship product focuses on the International Remittance (Money Transfer) market. The MFSL team are recognised experts in this domain, providing strategic advice and consulting to a number of agencies including the World Bank, Her Majesty's Treasury, the House of Commons and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The first solutions in this domain will be deployed with mobile operators and retailers in 2009.