Corporate Social Responsibility

MFSL is committed to donating a percentage from each of its mass market commercial launches to a number of international non-governmental organisations it works with in Europe and across other continents. Success stories from the resulting projects can be fed back to MFSL's customers and used as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. There will be no charge for this service and it effectively provides an integrated CSR programme with no additional cost or effort to our customers.

Additionally, MFSL can help its customers achieve their CSR goals by channelling these donations to the customer's preferred charity partners, who may focus on local projects. The successful projects can be fed back to customers through a follow up marketing campaign. For example, a school can be built in the customer's local area and can form part of the programme marketing campaign, where project successes can be relayed back to end users by way of a "thank you".