Prepaid Cards

Prepaid Cards are different to credit cards. They need to be loaded with money prior to use. Moreover, there are no credit checks and a bank account is not required, making Prepaid Cards a natural solution during the credit crunch. All cards are issued by a registered bank and badged by a card association such as MasterCard in which case they may be used in approximately 30 million ATMs and point-of-sale locations worldwide.

All Prepaid Cards from MFSL can be accessed and controlled through mobile phones. Subscribers can use their mobile phones as a "remote control" to load money onto the card, check their card balances, transfer money to another card and activate/de-activate their cards. This increases convenience levels for the subscriber.

The Sólido Architecture also provides advanced patent pending credit partitioning. The prepaid account is partitioned vertically into sub-accounts (i.e. secondary accounts), that can be allocated to family members, and at the same time is also partitioned horizontally to allocate funds on a per-application basis such as funds for ATM withdrawals, POS transactions or money transfers. The prepaid cards available are listed on the right of this page.